Monday, August 4, 2008

The New Testament

I lost the cover with tracklisting to this tape, but whatever. Doo Wop of the Bounce Squad made some of the best mixtapes and tracks from the 95-97 era, IMO. I still play Bounce Squad tracks everytime I can get away with it aka, not playing for d-bags who want to hear the itunes top 100.
These days, I'm not really feeling the mixtape game like I was in the mid-90s. So, I'm not as familiar, but I'm pretty sure the mixtape DJs today, don't compete with the Doo Wops, Ron Gs, Clues, tony touchs, etc. on the mic. The up-to-the-date drops, party announcements on this mix are unparalled. Plus a Shaq/Mobb Deep track with Havoc on the boards. I love it!!!!!!!!

Doo Wop- New Testament SIDE A

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Anonymous said...

Any chance of a RE-up on this? I've been looking for this tape ever since I lost my copy! Thanks